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i memorize these lines, and practice them every night
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Date:2006-01-25 14:57
Mood: amused


the music is up.

"new ears are listening"

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Date:2005-05-22 12:28
Subject:coming soon...

"Better Than Sleater-Kinney's Latest Record" EP

1. light refraction
2. its so not so
3. inner wrestlings

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Date:2005-03-26 14:27
Subject:whales LP
Mood: ecstatic

phaser on stun

such friends are dangerous whales LP

e.v.e. (4:25)
strangeland (7:02)
phaser on stun (12:27)
whales [westernization has already left extensive scars] (18:24)

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Date:2005-03-11 01:34
Subject:demo finished...
Mood: satisfied

1. such friends are dangerous (1:59)
2. MH sessions figure I (0:21)
3. e.v.e. (4:25)
4. MH sessions figure II (0:46)
5. strangeland (7:25)
6. MH sessions figure III (2:10)
7. phaser on stun (12:27)
8. MH sessions Fig IV (0:35)
9. w.h.a.l.e.s.... [westernization has already left extensive scars] (18:27)
10. MH sessions conclusion (0:50)

such friends are dangerous wHaLeS LP

chris (guitar on 2-10; guitar two on 3,5,7,9;drums on 5,7, 9)
edwin (drums on bonus tracks)
OG Bruiser (drums on 2)
ryan judah (hand drum on 2,4,6, 8, 10)
jeremiah asher (guitar 2,4,6,8, 10)

MHK copyright 2005


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Date:2005-03-04 16:52
Mood: ecstatic

after two many years of endless work, endless organizing, failed recordings, lost tracks, writers block, 3AM muses....

the Such Friends Are Dangerous DEMO/EP is done!

wHaLeS (westernization has already left extensive scarring)

1. intro (from MH sessions)
2. eve
3. MH sessions II
4. stranger then strangeland
5. MH sessions III
6. Phaser on Stun (aka h o m e)
7. whales

my god it is fucking fantastic to finally have this shit done. it is all new shit, tunes that i have been working on non-stop for the past six monthes or so...

By the end of March there should be a Website with the DEMO in MP3 format.

one god, one aim, one destiny.

wadada swa (one love)

chris naphtali

"such friends (are dangerous)"

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Date:2004-12-31 15:28
Mood: weird


fuck wasn't just 1999-2000? well i guess time really flies by when you spend it taking bong rips. in fact, today has been practically the same as it was six or seven years ago.

2005 is looking to be a very psychedelic year. studio one star is building up here in my bedroom. Any more equipment and i'm going to have to get rid of my bed.

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Date:2004-12-09 21:15
Subject:affraid i might lose her......
Mood: depressed

the energy is in the air these past few days, i must sieze her before she is lost.


"sometimes it isn't real" DEMO EP to recording and release TBA....

who knows what the fuck will be on it at this point, because i keep changing my mind and my style every so often....

if everything goes smoothly should have a demo and a website by March 2005....

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Date:2004-11-18 15:03

screening out the detrimental sub-sequential hold
that this act, this scene, this stage has on yr soul
we live in groups yet we constantly think alone
that selfish sense of ego takes full control

but we must become free from this detrimentality
a plague of insincerity or we'll meet our own defeat

diagonally we crawl out of the the hole
that we're buried in by our lack of hope
feeling like shit as life goes by so slow
and I wonder why the answer is always no

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Date:2004-11-02 15:09
Subject: the moon in the daytime
Mood: discontent

the moon in the daytime.....

quietly sitting
alone unoticed in a noizy room
feeling like the day time
when the sun overshadows the moon
no one ever notices
that silver speck in the corner of the blue sky
but its always there
if you look with out questioning why

cant you see it or are you looking for the sun,
will you find it or are you the excluded one

at the sunrise
when yr alarm goes off and you open yr eyes
start yr day
and put on yr clothes the perfect disguise
you might notice
that the moon it never reall sets in the sky
its just blocked out by the sunrise
the obliterating heat of the another day gone by

somtimes rarely
the moon is shining bright in the daylit sky
then they notice
and they begin to question why
if it was up there then
why is that they've never seen it before
maybe they weren't looking
and they saw the sun and nothing more

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Date:2004-10-22 18:30
Subject:the grass is not really green...

the grass that you see
well its not really green
its all of the colors that your eyes do not see
the beauty lies in the eye
of the the beholder
the concepts keep changing as we grow older

what used to be thought of
as sometimes attractive
becomes quite distracting as time overlaps us
with hesitation
and contemplation
your glimpse of reality must be more then observation

excluded diluded
fantasy reality
life consists of more then you can see
denial survival
always living in reassurance
that what you see it what there is

the advent of change
you call it surreal
but reality is something you only can feel
its not based on
sense of sight
its based on obligation to the truth and the right

if you can see
between the lines
then you'll perceive whats on the inside
if your reality
is seen with out eyes
than you already understand the truth and the right

they took them away
because of all that we know and all that we say
we cant look away
because of all that they do and all that they say

the colors of man
i do not understand
how life can be devided over the color of skin
when colors are nothing
but hallucinations distracting
the grass nots really green is nothing you've seen..

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Date:2004-09-19 11:37
Subject:such friends are dangerous

everything is everchanging.

silencing yr internal dialouge (all 27 minutes of it!)
a) disassociation (7:01)
b) reality you sea (8:07)
c) noise, empathy, noise (9:32)
d) the sun also rises(3:22)

featuring jeremy asher on noises....

sfad= naphty (guitar, voice) and Edwin (percussion)

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Date:2004-09-19 11:32

do we
search endlessly
for our eve
its like we were dreaming
of eden

wake up
your dreaming
of eden
while your sleeping

wake up your dreaming
this is not eden

wake up your dreaming
of eden while your sleeping

wake up your dreaming
of eden...

and some things have changed
and oh how things have changed

since you were gone

and the skies looking clear from here
how much fun has it been this year
but what a fucking year!!!!!

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Date:2004-09-19 11:31

for how much longer
shall they wait
for you

to dry the tears
that are falling
from their faces

while the children still are dying
and the people still are starving
and the governments are lying
when still they say there's no crisis!

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Date:2004-09-19 11:17
Subject:did he?

carosele of wild horses
listening inside to strangers voices
never quite for sure which way they're going
never knowing that they're going nowhere

did he.... see you crying?
did he.... see me trying?
did he.... see you lying
did he.... see me dying?

drifting backwards turn the tables back
rip the inside burn it into half
i always knew it'd come to this
but i never knew its you i'd miss

did he ever see your eyes
did he often sympathize
did he seldom analyze
did he forget to question why?

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Date:2004-09-19 10:58
Subject:shitty stardust (for Gonzalo)

when you stalked him in your car
leaving from the stardust bar
did he drink to much to drive?
were you just trying to save his life?
or did you have some other motive
was saving lives your only focus?
is that why he died alone?
is it why he never made it home!

no offence
or die like him!

is it cuz he didn't stop
or simply cuz you were a cop
did you know he wasn't armed
when you blasted at his car
single bullet through the arm
no need for stopping him just now
was he what the cat dragged in
or was this just another killing spree

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Date:2004-08-12 02:03
Subject:such dreams are dangerous

such dreams are dangerous
as if to change the past
a thought too outrageous
yet it seems so contagious
often times we dwell on how
we think things should have turned out
but even the flap of a butterfly's wing
in a ripple of time could change everything...

stop wasting your precious time
dreaming of changing your life
better to follow the straighest of lines
then to end up losing your mind

remember try to forget
all things you might reminesce
its dangerous to dream and to drift
cuz sometimes you might lose your grip
so foolish to hold on to these years
screaming in pain or in fear
release it and fall fast asleep
and dreaming you'll run into me

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Date:2004-07-22 12:58
Subject:off set

so you think and you know and you swear that all that you've seen could all be explained but rapid nerve firing and neurons dividing are all... offset!
the fears coming closer and closer or is it all part some elaborate neurosis or toxic pyschosis from near lethal doses...

dont think to much you might just want to give it all up when you think that you've had enough its never enough...

so you say and you said and you swear that all of these thoughts diverge in your heard but life is not something that adds up to nothing you'll see...

"off set"

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Date:2004-06-26 13:16
Subject:shes always calling my bluff

she puts the weights into my little heart and she gets in my room and she takes it apart
she puts the weights into my little heart i said she puts the weights into my little heart

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Date:2004-06-19 03:52
Subject:it looks and feels great but look at what its doing to you but thats ok cuz look at how it feels..

"dreaming.. wide awake with your eyes open wide.. trying.. to paint what is seen inside.. futility.. to.. think.. to.. try. such a task.. as.. to..paint.. with your eyes..fuck.. such.. a waste.. to. keep.. alive.. the counterfeit.. so.. paint. away.. your dreams.. your memories.." gentle such friends are dangerous

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